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Meet the Team

Matt Fogler, CPA

With a rich academic background encompassing a BA in Information Systems and a Master’s in Accounting, Matt Fogler is a powerhouse in the accounting realm. As a  CPA, Matt uniquely integrates his comprehensive knowledge from big business environments into crafting tailored solutions for small businesses. His expertise lies not only in traditional accounting but in leveraging information systems to enhance financial processes and insights. Passionate about empowering small businesses with the tools and strategies typically reserved for larger corporations, Matt bridgings the gap between big business methodologies and small business needs.


Matt resides in Roseville with his two kids and loves to spend time hiking and in the outdoors.  

Nicole Lindop, Accountant

A recent graduate from Purdue University with a BA, Nicole Lindop seamlessly blends fresh academic knowledge with a keen analytical mindset. As our expert accountant, Nicole showcases a deep understanding of contemporary financial practices, combined with an enthusiasm to adapt and learn. Her rigorous training from Purdue ensures she brings both accuracy and innovation to our accounting processes. Passionate, diligent, and always eager to dive into financial challenges, Nicole is a rising star in our accounting team, dedicated to delivering excellence.

Ella Martinez, Bookkeeper Extraordinaire

Ella Martinez stands at the crossroads of precision and dedication, bringing with her a wealth of experience in bookkeeping. Over the years, she has meticulously handled accounts for diverse industries, showcasing an uncanny ability to adapt and deliver. Ella’s proficiency in financial record management ensures that every transaction, big or small, is accounted for with utmost accuracy. Her unwavering attention to detail, combined with her passion for numbers, has made her a trusted figure in the realm of bookkeeping. Ella’s commitment is simple: to ensure financial clarity and integrity for every client she serves.

Sophie Reynolds: Mastery in Bookkeeping

Sophie Reynolds is the embodiment of meticulousness and expertise in the world of bookkeeping. With a track record of excellence spanning several sectors, Sophie has become a go-to for businesses seeking flawless financial documentation. Her knack for spotting discrepancies and ensuring every ledger line is in order makes her an invaluable asset in financial management. Beyond her technical skills, Sophie’s approachable demeanor and commitment to client success shine through, making her not just an exceptional bookkeeper, but a trusted financial ally to all she serves.

Jordan Mitchell: Payroll Specialist

In the intricate realm of payroll, Jordan Mitchell stands out as a beacon of precision and efficiency. With years dedicated to mastering the nuances of payroll processing across various industries, Jordan ensures that every employee, tax, and benefit detail is impeccably managed. His expertise extends beyond mere number crunching; Jordan is adept at navigating complex payroll regulations, guaranteeing compliance and accuracy. Clients often commend his proactive approach, anticipating challenges and offering solutions even before they arise. In a field where timeliness and detail are paramount, Jordan Mitchell exemplifies the gold standard of payroll specialization.

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